Why Choose Singi Insurance Broker

Better and Simplified Management.
Working with us for all your insurance needs will simplify the management of your insurance portfolio and better attainment of the intended goals. Let us handle your insurance and risk matters while you focus on reaching your organizational goals with less worry.

Customer Service.
We have a great team that offers a competitive, satisfactory and knowledge based customer service that helps our client understand our products and offer the needed insurance assistance promptly when required.

We are here for you when you have a crisis. We’ll give you advice on the best way to handle a situation and have our full attention and support from start to finish.

Claims Administration,
The real test comes when an actual claim is filed. At Singi Insurance Brokers we pay claims as fast as all legal documentation is provided as proof.

Training of Insurance Products
We create awareness to the members of the public as why insurance is important.

Professional Indemnity
We hold professional Indemnity Insurance cover for our obligation as professionals against any claims for negligence should any arise

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